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Tony Horner, also known as the “We Buy Houses Maverick”, has been successfully investing in single-family homes, apartments and commercial real estate for the last 18 years. He has been a landlord since 1998, and consistently purchases well over 40 properties a year. Tony currently owns a vast single-family rental portfolio, which includes large apartment complexes and commercial retail strips.

A few of Tony’s many accomplishments are former Vice President of Tidewater Real Estate Investment Group, winner of the Outstanding Investor Award in 2003, and a feature in Black Enterprise Magazine. He is also the author of home study courses. As a successful businessman eager to share what he has learned, Tony tirelessly continues to develop tools to help other investors take their businesses to the next level.

Currently, Tony shares his secrets and wealth of knowledge through his best-selling books, innovative products, laser-focused coaching, and easy-to-follow webinars and seminars, all while speaking throughout the world. Unlike most real estate gurus, Tony is a product of his own methods and strategies. To read more about Tony Horner and his accomplishments click here.

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House Type: Family House
Days From Buying To Sold: 34
State: Virginia
Type of Deal: Flip
Reports & Books with Tony Horner
The Top 10 Simple Tricks To Fund Your Next Real Estate Deal Without Using Your Own Money

The Top 10 Simple Tricks To Fund Your Next Real Estate Deal
Without Using Your Own Money

The Winning Way

The Winning Way is a compilation of information from 47 of the world’s leading experts in their respective fields. Brian Tracy leads a lot of the business sections of this book, while Tony Horner leads the real estate section. Additionally, this book is not just about how to win in real estate, but also how to win in life. You will learn from the world’s leading business, health, financial, marketing, and real estate experts, and more!

Tips To Being Successful In Real Estate:
Real Estate Basics

Even if you have never dealt with real estate before, by the end of this short e-book you will know the majority of vocabulary you need to know, as well as have an understanding of the overall real estate process.

Tips For Funding Your Deals
Using None Of Your Own Money Or Credit

Yes, it is true ... you can fund your real estate deals with none of your own money or credit. In this e-book you will learn how, and also other strategies on how to leverage other people's money so you can become wealthy.

Products with Tony Horner
Rehabbin’ For Riches

Tony shows you how he rehabs a home from start to finish. We all can learn by example. The videos in Rehabbin' for Riches show you exactly the strategies you need to know to ensure your project is profitable.

Auto Pilot Property Riches

You will learn how Tony started his real estate empire with no money. In fact, when he started, he was a railroad worker and was living paycheck to paycheck. Today, he is a multimillionaire. In this course, he shows you how you can do the same to obtain financial freedom.

Straight Talk With Brian Tracy

Tony Horner and Brian Tracy team up to bring you the best 6 Audio CD program, which is your roadmap to building wealth through real estate.

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Learn About VA Vendee Loans
If you are active duty military or a veteran, you may qualify for a loan guarantee from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.
Buying Houses Subject
To Existing Financing
This is by far my favorite strategy to buy properties, for little or no money down!! Using this strategy opens many opportunities for you to acquire properties in good areas with decent cash flow; again, with little or no money down.
Why Build a Rental
Appreciation of rental properties over a period of years has made many people very wealthy.
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