About Tony Horner

When Tony got started, he made $7 million in his first 6 years, and he’ll show you exactly what he did and how he did it. Today, he averages 4 to 6 flips per month, with an average
 profit of $30K per investment.

Tony Horner, also known as the “We Buy Houses Maverick”, has been successfully investing in single-family homes, apartments and commercial real estate for the last 18 years. He has been a landlord since 1998, and consistently purchases well over 40 properties a year. Tony currently owns a vast single-family rental portfolio, which includes large apartment complexes and commercial retail strips, and shares his secrets and wealth of knowledge by teaching seminars and speaking, on a national level.

A few of Tony’s many accomplishments are former Vice President of Tidewater Real Estate Investment Group, winner of the Outstanding Investor Award in 2003, and a feature in Black Enterprise Magazine. He is also the author of home study courses. As a successful businessman eager to share what he has learned, Tony tirelessly continues to develop tools to help other investors take their businesses to the next level.


Currently, Tony shares his secrets and wealth of knowledge through his best-selling books, innovative products, laser-focused coaching, and easy-to-follow webinars and seminars, all while  speaking throughout the world. Unlike most real estate gurus, Tony is a product of his own methods and strategies.

Tony has been married to his lovely wife, Stacey Horner, for ten years and they have two daughters, Rachel and Raven. He enjoys golfing, working out, movies and traveling to exotic locations with his family.

Tony’s Story

tony-pic-circleI was working the third shift for the railroad, and like you, I had bills to pay and responsibilities. Working at the railroad is no cakewalk. Picture working outside in all weathers – rain, snow, 100 degree heat – performing manual labor, inspecting stuffy trains. The only good things were the benefits and the pay. And I needed that paycheck at the end of every two weeks just to make ends meet.

Sure, I wanted a better life, and I’d ask myself how did all those other people get ahead? What was different about them? Was it pure luck? Were they smarter than everyone else? Did they have a rich uncle who set them up in a great business?

This led me to a really important discovery, and I mean really important. Listen up! The people who get ahead in life financially do things differently. Differently… what do I mean by that, you might ask? Well, they used OPM, OPI & OPE:

  • Other People’s Money
  • Other People’s Ideas
  • Other People’s Efforts

The key to most successful businesses in America is that they use a combination of these elements.

I realized that if I could use this same strategy, then I could get the same results. It seemed achievable for me. I didn’t have any extra money or a brilliant new idea, but, I knew that more millionaires created their fortunes through Real Estate than any other profession. So, I had my vehicle – Real Estate.

I started part-time, looking at houses and checking out the property markets in neighborhoods, while at the same time working out how to finance my business. It was scary and slow in the beginning, and I really had to learn what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t work.

When I initially began working in Real Estate, I didn’t close on a single property. I was completely unaware of what not to do and what tactics to avoid. Then I made some targeted changes and developed different strategies to transform my business. I then successfully purchased a duplex, triplex and a single family house.

The next year I bought 28 single family homes. Over the next four years, I bought a minimum of 36 houses a year and today I have bought and sold over 400 houses. All this, from a system I created where you buy properties using little or no money down.

The first thing you have to do is start believing that you can do this. Trust me, you can. Some people still believe you need money to buy a house – that is a myth! You can buy houses without credit or money, and I will show you how. Exciting, isn’t it?!

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