Hear what people are saying about Tony…


Roger & Louisa Priore, Painter & Teacher

“We began getting phone calls almost right away…
The first deal we did we made $35,000 in six weeks. Then more people started calling us and it turned into five deals last year… houses that we bought for very little of our own money and were able to turn into significant profits.”

“After the first year of taking Tony’s program, we had increased our net worth and equity and cash by about $300,000. Many people have given us their houses. Tony’s program was worth $300,000 last year and will be worth a whole lot more than that this year.”

Solomon Simmons, Medical Technician

“I started with no money, no credit… The techniques that Tony gives you are some of the best techniques… and it’s not that I’m calling the people… the people are calling me. Two weeks after applying Tony’s techniques, I got my first deal. I made more money on that one deal than in an entire year working at my prior job. When you’re freed up financially, that affects your personal life. It’s given me more time to spend with my family.”


Mary Hoggard, Factory Worker

“I had been working at a factory, making decent money, but something happened… my heart went bad. I had to quit work and I was horrified because I grew up poor and I didn’t want to be old poor. So, I heard about Tony’s course and saw what Tony had done; I realized that anybody could do this. After Tony’s course, in that first year, I bought four houses. In that first year, I made $62,000. For the first time in my life I will have the money and the time to do the things I’ve always wanted to do. WOW! This is even better than I thought. Someone who doesn’t come from a lot of money can have a lot of money… if Tony can do it, I can do it. And if I can do it, anybody else can do it. It’s been a true life changer for me.”

Kathleen Harps, Administrative Assistant

“It’s easy. It’s so very easy and anybody can do it. I made $47,000.”


Billy Wilson, Business Owner

“I’ve been in business before. It was a delivery service and what happened was we ended up losing it. I literally went without a paycheck for six months and the day that we closed out final office… I was lost. Literally, I had a hard time getting out of bed for a couple of weeks and it took me months to get the energy up just to try to go out and find something… I had been in business for twenty years for myself, and in the first six months of working with Tony’s program I made more in that 6 month period than I had in any one year in the most successful years I’d had in any of my businesses. It was probably less than a month before we put our first deal under contract. From there, you start to realize that it’s a snowball effect. You keep using these same techniques and you work the system and the deals come to you. It’s amazing how many people are just calling me. It amazed me that there are always opportunities out there. Because I talk to the other investors who don’t know what I know, how to get the deals to come to you, and they’re asking… where did you find all these deals? Last year, we put over $250,000 cash in our pocket.”


Gary Layne, Governmental Services

“I probably spend about seven to eight hours a week on real estate investing …I consider it practically a part-time job. In the past two years, we have purchased 24 houses. Since taking Tony’s course in buying and selling real estate, my net worth has grown to approximately a million dollars. Someone once told me that success is considered time off and I tell ya, that is a great way to put it…

With the success we’ve had in real estate over the last two years, it has allowed us to travel and to spend quality time with our kids; that’s the main motivator behind why I do this.”

Frank Kerestesy, Engineer

“As soon as I put Tony’s techniques into place my phone started ringing. Within two to three days, I was able to go out and immediately find houses. Within the first month of taking Tony’s program, I purchased two houses. One house had a $15,000 profit on it and the other has a profit of approximately $20,000…and that’s all within one month’s time. After buying Tony’s program, I’m now purchasing one to two houses a month, so my gross income has increased by more than 10x/year. I don’t have to work for anybody anymore. One of the reasons you can make so many deals is because the techniques work so well. With Tony’s program, the deals come to you and your phone is ringing directly due to his techniques. What you’re going to learn in Tony’s program is way beyond any measure of what you’re gonna pay for it.”


Mike Cheatwood, Retired Naval Officier

“It’s amazing when you get motivated sellers to call you, they never seem to stop and it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the marketplace – or the world… There are ALWAYS motivated sellers. And using Tony’s system, they’re gonna come to you.”

“A motivated seller called me up and I went over that evening… The interesting thing about a motivated seller is that you know a motivated seller, just like you know the sun comes up in the morning. It’s very, very clear. They don’t want you to talk about the money on the house or anything else, they want you to come right over and sign the paperwork. In 15 minutes I was in and out of the house, and we closed on it the following week. I’ve got several closing statements showing where I’ve gotten $58,000 for one house, $32,000 for another, and these are ones I’ve either flipped or cashed out a year later and made a lot of money on, basically having no money in the deal to begin with. I think if you get a financial calculator out, you’ll see that’s an infinite rate of return.”

“Using Tony’s program I did 22 deals in the first twelve months and in the last two years, I have gained a net equity of $1,500,000. Tony’s course has got to be the best money I’ve ever spent. It’s amazing what you can get back for the little bit of money it costs.”

Dale Steffensmeier, Construction Worker

“I was astounded to see how you can get a motivated seller to call you. Prior to taking Tony’s course, I started out working hard, doing laborious work. I thought if I worked long and hard I’d become rich. But, it doesn’t quite work that way. I wanted to get on with my life and do something bigger and better and I’ve always had an interest in real estate – I just didn’t know how to do it or what to do, so I took Tony’s course. It took me a month to secure my first property and after I sold it three weeks later I took a check in excess of $100,000 to the bank and the bank people looked at and smiled. They said: ‘How did you do this?’ After taking Tony’s course and working it for several years, my net worth has gone up to $1,500,000. Tony teaches you to get these calls to come to you. I thought it was impossible, but it’s not.”


Sandra Crocker, School Teacher

“I was a full time elementary school teacher and making about $30,000 a year. After we invested in Tony’s course and put it into action, we had no money out of pocket and made about $15,000 on the very first house with very little work. We realized his program really does work and it wasn’t that hard, so we did another deal using the same techniques as the first time and we made about $20,000. After I did some quick math, I realized that I had made more working on these two deals part time, than I had in a whole year of teaching.”

Richard Braun, Insurance Broker

“Tony’s techniques taught me two things: 1.) How to find motivated sellers and 2.) How to acquire the properties with little or no cash out of my pocket. Using Tony’s techniques, we’ve acquired nine properties in just under a year. Of the six properties we’ve kept, there is somewhere just over a quarter of a million dollars in equity. You can’t get a good deal unless you have a motivated seller… that’s the key. So for me to have a technique that has motivated sellers finding me is powerful. On our first deal using Tony’s techniques, we netted about $25,000.”

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