CHEAT SHEET: Top 10 Tricks To Fund Your Next Real Estate Deal

Owner Financing – You as the buyer get the seller to finance the property for no money down, or little money down, or whatever you come up with. The attraction for the owner may simply be cash flow for their free and clear property. The beauty of owner financing is that there are a lot […]

Real Estate – By Tony Horner

In America, all land is owned by someone. In many cases, the government owns the land. Sometimes it’s a national park or a military base, or it could be a public housing project. In other cases, a company might own the land, in the case of a factory or office building. But in most cases, […]

Why Build a Rental Portfolio

Appreciation of rental properties over a period of years has made many people very wealthy. Average property appreciation is 3 to 10 percent, depending on what area of the country you reside. See the example below, which illustrates potential monetary growth over a 3 year period acquiring 5 rental houses: Assume that with an average […]

Buying Houses Subject To Existing Financing

This is by far my favorite strategy to buy properties, for little or no money down!! Using this strategy opens many opportunities for you to acquire properties in good areas with decent cash flow; again, with little or no money down. Buying “Subject To” – This occurs when you agree to take over the loan payments on […]

VA Vendee Loans

If you are active duty military or a veteran, you may qualify for a loan guarantee from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. This is one of the oldest and most popular federal assistance programs. The VA doesn’t actually make direct loans, but, they do provide the ”guarantee to pay’ aspect of your loan, in […]

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