Tips For Funding Your Deals Using None Of Your Own Money Or Credit

As you start to read this e-book filled with Tony’s no-money-down training tips, you will soon realize that financial freedom is achievable using Real Estate as a vehicle to success. You probably already know that there are many, many millionaires who built their fortunes from Real Estate, more than most other professions.

One of Tony’s favorite things about Real Estate is that it does not discriminate – if you use these strategies and tips, you will get paid. Use them again, and you will profit again. From there, you are off and running, and like several of Tony’s students you will get results.


Inside this e-book you will learn about:

  • Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • VA Vendee Loans
  • Hard Money Loans
  • Selling Financing
  • Local Government Programs
  • Partners
  • Private Money or Equity Lenders
  • High Interest Finance Companies
  • Working with Redevelopment Agencies
  • One Trick That Leverages More Cash at the Day of the Closing
  • Assignment Contracts
  • Double Closings
  • Buying Houses with the “Subject To Clause”

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Tony is arming you with his best strategies of not using his own money for financing his real estate deals. The information is presented in a very easy to understand format.



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