Buying Houses Subject To Existing Financing

handswithhome_FI This is by far my favorite strategy to buy properties, for little or no money down!! Using this strategy opens many opportunities for you to acquire properties in good areas with decent cash flow; again, with little or no money down.

Buying “Subject To” – This occurs when you agree to take over the loan payments on the mortgage that already exists on the property you are buying. When done correctly, there is NO CREDIT CHECK AND NO DOWN PAYMENT.

This is a win for the seller also. Buying “subject to” also allows the seller to get out of their tight situation quickly; they may not have the time to sell their property the conventional way. Seller may have a pending job transfer, divorce or may be behind on payments. The special circumstances of the seller gives you the opportunity to buy a property “subject to” with no credit or down payment.

In a “subject to” transaction, the seller will deed you the property which gives you (the buyer) the ownership rights. You will start making payments to the bank. Once you take over the payments and the seller deeds you the property, you get all the benefits of owning investment property: appreciation, equity build up, cash flow, tax benefits, and depreciation.

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