Get The Freedom You Want In Your Life With Tony’s Auto Pilot Property Riches System

You will learn how Tony started his real estate empire with no money. In fact, when he started he was a railroad worker and was living paycheck to paycheck. Today, he is a multimillionaire. In this course, he shows you how you can do the same to obtain financial freedom. This course consists of 8 modules and a bonus module.

You do not need a college degree, real estate license, or a lot of money to become a millionaire with real estate.

Why invest in Auto Pilot Property Riches?


  • You will have an A to Z Blueprint on finally getting yourself on the path to wealth through real estate deals
  • With this program you will be able to buy your first property in 21 Days
  • Simple instructions to follow so you can build your own real estate empire
  • Learn how to NOT work with unmotivated sellers
  • Learn the easiest road to make it in the real estate business
  • Tony’s simple script to buy houses when people call you
  • What houses not to buy
  • What are the ideal and proven types of houses to invest in to ensure fast profits
  • What to look for when you are working with a real estate agent
  • What to do if your buyer doesn’t have good credit so you can still sell your house
  • How to scale your real estate business and build your team

You Will Get Lifetime Access To These Modules:

  • Module 1: The State Of Real Estate Investing Today
  • Module 2: 21 Day Fast Start Action Plan
  • Module 3: 3 Common Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make And How To Avoid Them
  • Module 4: Buying Properties With Little Money Or Other People’s Money
  • Module 5: Deal Attraction Secret Sauce: Getting The Deals To Come To You
  • Module 6: Converting Inbound Calls Into Deals
  • Module 7: Getting the Big Check$
  • Module 8: Putting the Pieces Together

Module 5 alone is worth 100 times the investment of this program


If this course saves you from purchasing one bad property, it is easily worth the small investment of this program.



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The Winning Way,
Co-Authored With Brian Tracy.